The Company


The objective of Al Nair Trading is to respect our customer's expectations: excellent quality of products, seriousness in working procedures, best prise possible, punctual deliveries.

These are the strengths that have allowed us to introduce and test ourselves as qualified operators in the market.

Our DEAL is attesting to us as official suppliers for Major and Big Buyers, starting from an exchange volume of five million tons of products already from the first year, up to an average of fifteen million tons per year.

Al Nair Tradind operates on Mandate from both the refinery and/or the purchaser, operates such as Tender, and operates in speculative Spot transactions.

Our policy is shared by the commitment of our partners.

Al Nair Trading closed the first year of the budget with the sale of 150 thousand tons of crude oil and refined products, the year 2017 exceeded 300 thousand tons sold. 2020 is the year of consolidation of the company that wants to invest in the natural gas, biomass sectors and the development of the electric car sector.