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Aviation Kerosene Colonial JP54 

Aviation Jet Fuel Jet A1 

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil 

D2 GasOil 

Diesel EN 590 10PPM

Mazut M100 Fuel Oil Gost 10585-99

Mazut M100 Fuel Oil Gost 10585-75

Light Crude Oil

Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil

Light Cycle Oil

Blend Crude Oil Gost 9965-76 Rebco

Gasoline 87/89/91/92/95 Octanes


Marine Fuel Oil CST 180



Middle Distillates

Heavy Fuel & Feedstocks 

Base Oil SN100 - SN150 - SN500 - BS150

Petroleum Coke

Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (GPL)

Gold in Ingots

Copper Cathode



We source crude oil and oil products from a range of suppliers

through our marketing offices in London



With a variety of procurement and supply services, Al Nair Trading is a global logistics base. We move products from one side of the world to the other through efficient delivery systems.

We monitor shipments to ensure that products arrive at the port of destination, on schedule, without incurring problems of various kinds.


A part of our professionals works in the maritime transport and logistics sectors. This allows us to work effectively to ensure efficient transport of goods and meet the needs of our customers.


We are aware that the sale and the transport do not end in the product itself, but they extend to the work of the office around the load that allows the easy transit through ports and customs and regulatory authorities.


We have relationships with ship owners and operators globally to offer the customer rental contracts suitable for their needs.


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